The club
Silkeborg Yacht Club is one of the oldest in Denmark and can be traced back to 1887, when the first registered race arranged by "Silkeborg Yacht Club" took place.

The club is situated in the middle of the Jutlandish Lake District where there is possibility of sailing on the great lakes between Silkeborg and Ry part of the very beautiful Gudenaa (Gods Brook).

At the harbour at Hattenaes there are more than a hundred keel boats.
The Club has 300 members encompassing young people as well as seniors and has a number of club-boats at its disposal.

How to find the club

The club is situated in Hattenaes between Silkeborg and Sejs by the lake Brassoe. You are very welcome to visit the club and the harbour to se the boats and talk to the Silkeborg Sailers.

If you have your own Boat and would like to experience the lakes there will usually be opportunity to have your boat in the harbour for a while during the holiday season.

The club has a crane at its disposal which is able to carry 2,5 metric tons.
The club has a new house with bathroom.
Please contact the
harbour master (havnemester) for more information.
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